Sunday, November 7, 2010


Halloween was a fun time this year. Here were are in our outfits. Ellie is a little cowgirl with her pink hat and cowboy boots and Connor is a sheriff with a "badge". He showed that badge to everyone trick or treating.

We went to our twins club party on Saturday and it was a beautiful day for lots of fun. Here we are cutting up for the camera. On Sunday, we went to the Hoffman's for a party and trick or treating. This was the first time they actually got to go to houses and get treats. Fortunately for us, the really don't know what candy looks like. Ellie still gets spooked easily so all of the scary decorations made for a challenge. Connor charmed everyone with his badge. It was a fun filled weekend.
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My little helpers

Connor & Ellie are growing up so fast these days. We have all been sick for a week since the Halloween festivities. With help from the little ones we made waffles for breakfast AND Ellie helped me set the table. There was plenty of time to play waiting for each waffle to cook but they sure were good. I still can't believe my babies are old enough to help me cook in the kitchen. Last night we made pizza together. Making pizza was something I did growing up with my mom and it was very special to have Connor & Ellie helping. I can't wait to continue pizza nights forever.

Here is Ellie all dressed up for church in her cute little outfit from Miss Darla. It feels like winter outside so we work our pretty pink boots.
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Potty Training

We started potty training and the kids are 2 1/2 years old. They have been going on the potty occasionally and I just woke up and decided now is the time. After 2 weeks I am here to confess that there is much more to this process than the three day of boot camp that I thought. I think Connor is pretty much there and I am not quite sure about Miss Ellie. No pee pee accidents ever but she doesn't seem to mind poopy pants. I think she wants to tell me "but mom, I have been going there quietly for 2 1/2 years what is all the fuss about now".
I think all of this "big" kid stuff is really messing with nap time. Here is how I found Ellie the other day when she decided that she didn't need a nap. That is her clothes hamper. Once I took it off I found about 3 shirts AND short over her head. Deep breathes is all I can say for this house in October.

Fall Fun

Fall is finally here in Florida. The weather is a bit cooler but the best part is that the humidity is down. Sure makes being outside much more enjoyable. Here are pictures from our trip to Sweetfields Farm pumpkin patch and corn maze.

Ellie wasn't too sure about posing for pictures but my little man was showing off his big boy haircut. There was much fun with all of their friends too.

Daddy's new boat

After waiting several months for our boat to be made just like daddy wanted we finally have a new boat. It is a 17 foot skiff which is a shallow water boat. I like it because there is lots of area for the little ones to play and it is very easy to get in and out of. I can see lots of weekend fun in our little boat.

We took it out with the little ones for an afternoon run and they just loved it. Strolled down the river to Rick's on the River and had some dinner and then back. We got to watch the sun set and it even got dark before we got back to the dock but everyone was still happy.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vacation to Tennessee

Mom and dad took us to Tennessee to see Gamma & Pappaw for Mother's Day and it was an adventure. We got started a bit late because our cousin Tanner was born a bit early and mom wanted to go see him before we left. We finally got on the road at nap time and drove to Valdosta GA where we ate and played for a few hours. Then on to just South of Atlanta for the night. We got up the next morning and went to the Georgia Aquarium where they have the biggest whale shark. We actually had the most fun running in circles in the green space outside the aquarium. Here we are having a blast.

We finished the drive during our afternoon nap. Gamma & Pappaw live on 10 acres out in the country and it is so pretty. They have lots and lots of cats because on stray kitty keeps multiplying. We were all about the cats.

Gamma had fresh strawberries and we had so much fun picking them. We ate lots of "strawberbies" as Connor says. Here we are with Gamma picking and eat them. It is lots of work, you have to go out every day and pick and eat.

There was so much to see and do. We could look out the front window and watch for the horses, the cows came to graze next door each afternoon, we ran circles around the flowers or looked for snakes in the creek. It was a fun lazy time. Here we are looking at some of the flowers and the creek is just down at the bottom of the hill. This is right outside Gamma's back door.

On Wednesday we all piled in Gamma and Pappaw's mini van and drove over to Murphy, NC to see our dear friends Mark and Kate. They chucked it all here in Tampa and bought a cabin in the woods and opened a bakery. Here we are with Mark and Gamma in front of the bakery.

Our cousins came to visit us and they are twins too. Well really almost like triplets because their baby sister is not too much younger. Here we all are looking for lizards and cutting up for pictures with Pappaw.

The last night of vacation mom and dad watch the movie "Avatar" with Gamma and Pappaw. Ellie's first sentence was "I see you" and Gamma really wanted mommy to see that movie. Of course she was in tears. It was pretty neat. The week was so much fun. We drove home over two days just like the drive up and boy were we glad to be home.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trip to Nanny's Educational Zoo

Our twins' group had a playdate at Nanny's Educational Zoo and we had a blast with all of the animals. Here we are with the bunnies. Connor was so sweet and loving to his precious bunny and I was holding that little guy for all it was worth. If mom had of let us we would have held onto them forever. She was a little worried that I was going to squeeze my little bunny to death as I would get so excited and hold him tighter.

Our friends call Connor the goat whisperer because he always gets down and just loves on the goats and talks to them like they are friends. The zoo had ponies to feeds and turtles and peacocks and lizards and snakes. It was a really fun place to visit.